Prime Ad Network - Join Our Facebook FanpageSome interesting tidbits about Facebook promoted posts. There are two main points I take away from this discussion:

    • Promoted posts can only be promoted for 3 days from the time of their posting.  That means if you post something today, in three days you will not be promote your post.  To take advantage of promoted posts you should start promoting them right away so they show up in your follower’s news feeds.  Which brings us to our next point.
    • Promoted posts appear in your followers news feeds in the chronological order they were posted. So if someone has a 1000 friends and you don’t promote until the 2nd or 3rd day since you posted they might never see your promoted post.

Whether or not promoted posts become a part of your marketing arsenal is up to you to decide.  But be aware that if you do not start promoting your posts as soon as you post them, your prospects may not even see them in their news feed.  Which for a paid option is not that desirable.  This is in stark contrast to the Twitter implementation where you promoted tweets hang out at the top of the twitter feeds.

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